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Name: Giles Jiang
Tel:+86-20-29822852, 020-29864030
Add:3/F, No.8 Shanzhuang road Hecun Dashi town,Panyu District, Guangzhou City, China.
MSN: Skype: berrc.gz 点击这里给我发消息
About BER enterprise

Guangzhou Biaiyue Electronic Products Co. Ltd is a high-tech research and development professional model radio controller production type enterprise.BER develop own telemetry technology and automatic measuring and recording transmission technology in model industry.

Products are highly integrated,low power consumption,It is a R & D production and sales of high-tech innovation enterprise.We have a wealth of professional experience in the model industry, with electronics, machinery, software and other R & D capabilities.Refering the advanced telemetry technology, making full use of our own bidirectional transmission technology advantages,with many foreign customers carried out cooperation and providing them with low-priced high-tech products. We provide radio controller products are achieved in the European CE, American FCC certification for stable long distance transmission and reception.While providing high-quality products and good production processes, quality assurance with good after service.

Purpose:  Design is Beautiful , Workmanship is  Exquisite , Performance is  Remarkable. 

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