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One-way Transmitter

单向遥控器 单向遥控器 单向遥控器
Product name:One-way Transmitter

Type: BER-TRV1
3-CHANNEL Radio Control Digital System:

1, Totally digital control system mode.
2, The light weight design.
3, The best TH control artificial setting position.
4, The best ST control feel super good.
5, New concept of the battery cover installation.
6, The digital mode of reverse adjustment.
7, The digital mode of trim adjustment.
8, Large angle trim adjustment mode.
9, Low power consumption design.
10, High-voltage design(4V-8.6V).
11, The overall aesthetic design concepts.
12, The main control chip in high speed data processing.
13, The strong R/F transmission and receive chip.
14, Strong anti-interference FHSS system
15, F/S setting.
16, Low-battery warning.
17, TH and ST channel calibration function.
18, Changing the TR ID number.

3CH button function.
Pressing 3CH button switch on TR, the 3CH button is a bind button.
When TR in working status, the 3CH button is 3 Channel.
Then pressing 3CH one time the servo counterclockwise move 90°,
pressing again servo clockwise move back. 

The digital mode of reverse adjustment.
(N)Normal position -- (R)Reverse position.
Pressing the arrow mark till buzzer sound "B"
The position of servo moving changed.

D/R is used to change the action range of ST servo.
Moving it clockwise more steering,
counterclockwise for less.

Pressing the arrow mark to trim the
"""TH"" or ""ST"" servo range, but not effect 
the servo totally travel. The buzzer sound type
When hear sound "B" more bigger and longer
It's in neutral positon. Reaching any side
buzzer sound "BBBB```" will continual

Small size design. Matching TR easy.
High-Voltage can use 2S Li-Po. batt.
Reverse connection protection function

BER-TRV1 has neutral, throttle and brake position calibration function, assembling each radio controller makes point position different. BER each radio controller point position has calibrated to the optimum position in factory .So no need to change normally. Needing calibration occurred in neutral, throttle or brake positon are not exactly, servo moving angle abnormality, replacing the potentiometer.  Not totally to calibrate, the buzzer will alarm, TR maybe work messy. so if do need to it  in place.
Feature No. 18 ( Change ID ) under normal circumstances no need to change.
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